ERC Inc.

Environmental Remediation Consultants


24 Hour Emergency Service

Emergency Response Services

Using dedicated equipment, ERC, Inc. offers emergency response services for the middle and eastern portions of Tennessee, northern Alabama, northern Georgia, south eastern Kentucky, western North Carolina, and western Virginia. The services include containment, clean-up and removal of hazardous wastes and materials resulting from an accidental spill. ERC, Inc. is a unique company dedicated to providing effective and economical emergency response services. All of the ERC, Inc. responders are HAZWOPER-trained. This factor, in conjunction with our extensive experience in the environmental arena, augments our ability to undertake emergency response projects in a highly professional, as well as, cost effective manner.


• 24/7 emergency response for hazardous and non-hazardous accidental spill incidents- Any Place, Any Time! Overpack pic

• Clandestine meth-amphetamine labs (drug laboratories)

• Natural disaster response services

• Emergency pump-outs

• Emergency lab packing and disposal

• Emergency waste disposal marine pic

• Vacuum services