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Environmental Services

ERC, Inc.’s environmental capabilities demonstrate our commitment to providing state-of-the-art technology to address soil, air, and groundwater issues at the most economical price. Among its large complement of in-house equipment, ERC, Inc. has its own vacuum truck with high pressure jetting system, test boring drill, and thermal desorption unit. As a result, ERC, Inc. can be more responsive to project equipment needs. Since less outside sub-contracting is required, greater cost and quality control aspects can be achieved.


• Phase I and II site assessments tank removal

• Decontamination and decommission (closure)

• Site and waste characterizations

• Hazardous waste and non hazardous waste disposal and/or investigation

• Environmental sampling

• Groundwater monitoring

• AST/UST management truck and drill pic

• Tank cleaning, removal, closure reports, and installations

• CERCLA investigations

• Brownfield revitalization

• SPCC plans, and reports

• Demolition and dismantling

• In-situ slurry cut-off walls and grout barriers soil sampling

• Lab packing and disposal

• Vacuum services

• Product recovery and transfers